Blackest Night

July 16, 2009

Blackest Night

Publisher: DC

Dates: September 2009 – Ongoing

Main Story: Blackest Night #1-8

Tie-ins: Tales of the Corps

Suggested Reading Order (as follows)


Blackest Night #1 (of 08)

Title: Rise

Date: September 2009


This one starts off with William Hand (aka “The Black Hand”) walking through a graveyard talking outloud. He is on a mission to begin to recruit followers and soldiers in the up-and-coming war of the emotional spectrum. As he walks he’s mentioning things like, “No one escapes death” and “The dead will rise”.

When he finishes his stroll, he is standing over the graves of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He pulls a skull out of the gravesite and gives it a lick. Black Hand claims that this skull will “connect them all”.

24 hours later, in Coast City they are having a memorial for those fallen heroes and in the commemoration of the day they supposed Superman died. For this “Memorial Day” celebration there are parades, fly-overs by the Air Force, and those placing flowers on the graves of the fallen. Hal Jordan, another GreenLantern, narrates why they’re having the memorial service. He rattles off many of those that have passed on (i.e. His father, Coast City, Abin Sur, Katma Tui, Alex–Kyle Rainer’s girlfriend, and Jade–daughter of Alan Scott).

Elsewhere, other superheroes are paying their respects to their fallen loved ones. Some examples are friends and family members of: Jonathan Kent (Superman’s adoptive dad), Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm), Titans Memorial, The Rogues, Ted Kord (Blue Beetle), Arthur Curry (Aquaman), and at Valhalla Cemetery.

At the Justice League of America’s headquarters, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen (aka the Flash) are at a vault where the bodies of their enemies. It is a large wall with many many bodies and resembles a morgue. Barry is in shock that so many have died since his disappearance.

On Oa, headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians of the Universe are discussing that their plans to supress emotion have backfired and that they’re now in a civil war. During this discussion, one of the Guardians attacks another killing him by removing his heart. At that time Oa is invaded by empty black power rings in search of bodies to take advantage. The cryptkeeper, Morro, of the fallen Lanterns is forced to fight off these invading rings from taking over the bodies of the past Lanterns.

As the Black rings scour the universe, they claim many people. Among them are J’ohn J’onzz (the Martian Manhunter), Katma Tui (a Green Lantern), Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm), Dee Tyler (Phantom Lady), Ryan Kendall (Black Condor), Roy Lincoln (Human Bomb), Al Pratt (Atom), Jenny-Lynn Hayden (a Green Lantern), Roscoe Dillon (Top), Lisa Snart (Golden Glider), Digger Harkness (Captain Boomerang), and Arthur Curry (Aquaman).

As the dark army is assembled they approach Hal and Barry who is shocked to see one of their closest friends, The Martian Manhunter as a zombie.

In the house of Hawkman and Hawkgirl a pair of black laterns are able to sneak up and stab hawkgirl just as she confesses her love of Hawkman. The pair turns out to be Sue and Ralph Dibny (the Elongated Man). They wind up killing both Hawkman/girl and remove their hearts and turning them into Black Lanterns.